25 January 2011

"What's the Deal With The Payphone Pics, John?"

I'm glad you asked! The "Payphone Series" is an art installation I'm doing on facebook. Obviously, payphones will soon be a thing of the past, like CRT TVs, Yellow Pages, CDs, and dial up modems. What's interesting about it to me is that at this particular point in time, you can see them fading away. They were once as common as fire hydrants, but now more often than not, you find phones that are broken, vandalized, completely gone, or, as I'm finding quite a few of, "ghost phones", where the signage and post remain, but the phone itself is gone. It's only a matter of time until the phone companies or municipalities remove the last traces of the phones.

My goal is the arbitrary and totally capricious number of 1001 pictures in one year. Afterward, I plan on producing hard copies of of all the shots to display somewhere. Probably my living room.

I'm sure that I could find 1001 old phones in the Los Angeles area, as once you start looking, you see them everywhere. However, I have friends from all over the world and about 22 different states in the US on facebook. It would make the project more interesting and fun if I could get shots from all these varied places.

So, if you happen upon the remains of an old payphone, I would love it if you would get out your phone and snap a pic for me. If you have a $2000 DSLR camera, awesome. If you have an old flip phone with a camera on it, even better. Send them my way. Full disclosure- you will of course always receive photo credit and my eternal gratitude. However, I will hold the copyright to all the images. What does that mean to you? If you take a pic that is so incredible that you're sure it will win the Pulitzer Prize, keep it and send me the crappier shot.

You can send any photos to my facebook page, here, or my e-mail, john_durham3@yahoo.com.
Please include a general location or address of the phone.

Thanks in advance to anyone who sends a pic, and I can't wait to hear from you New York, Munich, Paris, Charlotte, Dallas, San Francisco (thanks Aaron!), Perth, Toronto, Atlanta, Varberg, Raleigh, Washington, D.C., Boston, Lawrence, Oxford, Bournemouth, Winston-Salem, Los Angeles, Providence, Richmond, London, Norfolk, etc, etc, etc...

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